The story behind: PRE-ORDER

BOO is a timeless accessories and apparel designer brand, built by two sisters, Dominika and Katarina, with a greater vision for the future.
We have always been creative and ambitious, but when we set out to create a brand by ourselves, we were exactly that - left by ourselves. 

A two-woman b(r)and.

And when you’re out there setting up your brand, it is like jumping into the ocean, without knowing how to swim.  But the ocean is a magical place and it shapes you to become resilient and forces you to figure out how you’re going to ride the waves.

The ocean was our production - from sourcing the materials, learning how to design our very first BOOpack, all the way to releasing a series of apparel collections, we have been riding these waves on our own. Dominika - to this day single-handedly takes care of the visual image of the brand. Actually, almost everything you see. Katarina - makes sure that the production and the communication between collabing brands runs smoothly.
Still, all on our own - it allows us to control our brand and keeps it authentic. It gives us freedom to connect to our customers personally, valuing each and every feedback we receive. It means that even when the going gets tough, we can keep on going because of the support we get from our community.


It is the times we live in, that have shifted our focus to what really matters. That is why, for the last two years, our collection debuts are presented in a Pre-order fashion.
Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to show our creativity and the effort we put in all of our pieces.
We live in a world where progress should be the only consistency. And progress in fashion means quality over quantity. Progress means valuing local production and supporting independent brands. Hence, our pieces are all made in Slovenia with carefully selected materials.
These, combined with detailed craftsmanship, make our collections timeless and comfortable.
Progress is also becoming a better person, not just a better brand. It is respecting relationships and the people that help us bring our ideas to life.


From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for the continuous support of our brand through all these years, helping us grow and falling in love with what we do even more each day. We are so happy to be designing these unique pieces for you.
Thank you for not taking our planet and people who do things with their own hands for granted. We’re looking forward to expanding our BOO family and striving to reach our full potential as a sustainable brand.

Love, BOO